Being Human!!!

When I first saw someone wearing a T-shirt with “Being Human” written on it,  I  thought “Ah!  There’s another incorrect usage of a phrase.  That should be called ‘Human  Being’  and not ‘Being Human’. Isn’t it?” Little did I know that ” Being Human ” was an initiative started by a Bollywood star to support the under privileged.

But this confusion of usage of the phrase made me think of another phrase that the working class is very used to –  “Human Resource or famously known as HR”. Now the real question is “Is HR really Human or at least being human?”

There are employers who take really good care of their employees simply by implementing HR best practices and showing people the real “HUMAN” side.  A side which shows care, understanding and most importantly empathy towards it’s employees. And then there are employers who just don’t seem to care. All employers big or small care about profitability and market share but the real question is at the cost of what resources? Human resources perhaps…

HR simply sitting in big cabins and taking pride in being management’s spokesperson serves no purpose.  There are situations where employees simply don’t want to go to HR with their concerns because they are quite sure that they won’t get a solution. And then there are situations when HR shows a little too much of interest in salary discussions for employees during appraisals. I understand that HR should be involved in such discussions but the question is to what extent? I’m sure that everyone would agree that they shouldn’t be influencing decisions.

I am not sure what happened to the open houses and employee grievance redressal forums where HR would come out of their cabins and talk to the employees. Some companies have an HR POC appointed for employees to reach out to. But how is that person supposed to operate? Expecting employees to reach out when they have a problem… Nah! Probably being proactive and reaching out to the employees.Well, may be…

Why should only a few companies look at employees being the most valuable resources when it’s a well established fact that companies would need their employees for their growth and success now and forever?

Unless certain practices are changed, it is not far when people start addressing HR as IR or “Inhuman Resources”


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