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Democracy Redefined

India, the world’s largest parliamentary democracy goes to polls this April to elect it’s 16th Lok Sabha… Well, that’s not news… What’s news is the way the more than 100 political parties are going about their business preparing for these elections.

When I was at school, I was taught democracy is “for the people, of the people, by the people.” As I grew up, I started learning that what I was taught in school is not true. I know folks would argue that but I can prove my point. To all those who disagree, I have only one question, when was the last time your so called representative in the Parliament ask your opinion before taking a decision or commenting on a decision that effects you? When it comes to the decision, all that the leaders have to say is we need to abide by the parties decision. Party’s decision? Really? Now who are the people in the party? And who approves the decision…? Some unelected unethical morons who don’t have the idea of what the decision is about. This is where our self proclaimed leaders have given a new definition to democracy. Now, democracy is “for the party, of the party, by the party.” The people are simply out of the window. The people don’t decide… The party does…

Now get this… A lot of the political parties that are formed within the state say that they would work for the development of the state and the moment the general elections are announced, they are ready to jump into the fray. How does that work? What happens to the idea of developing the state? What happens to their so called very own home constituency? Well now that being said, I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something like a home constituency anymore. I guess not. Our beloved PM is an MP from Guwahati which is several thousand miles from the place where he was born. You cannot argue on his candidature as he has a domicile certificate from Guwahati… Really?

They say they are our representatives. If that’s true shouldn’t we be approving the candidatures in our constituency? What right does a party have in fielding a candidate of their choice and not ours? How does a party field any candidate from anywhere just to ensure the safety of a seat? How are we assured to get good governance?

Also if the retirement age for Government officials is 58 then how is it possible that someone more than 54 years of age stands for an election and hopes to become the PM of the country? Not one but there
are many like that in the fray this year.

That’s the new face of democracy I guess perhaps we should revise the definition of democracy in school text books… 🙂

I know with all these questions, one isn’t motivated to vote but I would still urge everyone to vote so that we exercise our right to choose.